What’s your ‘One more thing’?

When I first heard the words ‘ZERO WASTE WEEK‘, my immediate thoughts were, ‘Epic fail!’

How on earth can we live our lives without any waste at all?

But when I looked a little closer I discovered that the theme this year is actually, ‘ONE MORE THING!’ to which my new thoughts were, ‘Well of course I can do one more thing!’
So began my journey towards Zero Waste Week!

There are literally thousands of small things to choose from, but you only need to focus on one. Here are some ideas!

  • Reduce plastic bag use
  • Reduce plastic packaging
  • Reduce food waste
  • Recycling
  • Composting
  • Reducing car use
  • Reusable containers
  • Water wastage
Whatever your idea is, it’s worth it! Why not sign up?
Here’s my pledge…
“I pledge not to buy any food items that have packaging that cannot either be reused or recycled.”
So, I’m going to be focusing on not buying any items in the red section of this poster. Although I will be conscious of all the plastic I’m buying and will do my best to buy as little as possible, I am not going to tackle all the plastic items in our bathroom or garden or anywhere else in the house, just the food in the kitchen… that’s going to be hard enough!
I have a few ideas on how I’m going to succeed, but I would love to hear your ideas!!

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